Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fire and Rescue Station (Balai Bomba Dan Penyelamat) at Putrajaya 25 July 2011

It was a different experience at Bomba, Putrajaya as opposed to our first Bomba visit at Taman Tun.
This trip was organised by a fellow homeschooler father, P.

Shoes parade.
One of the photos that En's snapped.

Communication and control room.
As expected, briefing was in Bahasa Malaysia, En asked me for translation. Shortly after, she didn't bother anymore. :)

Children's firefighter costumes and helmets for kids to don on. So thoughtful of them.

The kids have a whale of time, shooting water and experienced it like a fireman.

Hui examined the tool.

Most of all, she loves the jet ski and the super motorbike. Shuffling to and fro, happily pretend riding away.

Inside the fire engine.

We were given souvenirs!!

To make an appointment, call  Tel: 8888 0970/1
Fax: 8888 0958


Anne said...

It is touching to see how kids put a lot of effort (especially being motivated to wear those firefighter costumes ) to entertain the visitors. :)

Ng Shannon said...


The kids are the visitors! :)They came with their parents.