Thursday, August 4, 2011

Making spectroscope @Janda Baik, with Starfield Instrument Supply 23 July 2011

She is Hui Chiek, a pleasant lady who shared generously and passionately about stars and planets. I can't help but like her. :)
She explained on how to make a spectroscope to the group of audience.
A spectroscope is an instrument that revelas the colour components of a light source.
We joined a stargazing trip organised by Starfield.

Material needed,
1. A cardbox which will be folded into a box. 2. A piece of small mirror. 3. A tiny disc 4. a piece of thin paper.

Glue and fold the cardbox into a box.

Stick the disc (left) and the mirror(right) in the interior of the box.

A completed spectroscope. The rainbow will be reflected on the thin piece of paper.

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