Monday, October 1, 2012

Fledgling's Growth - One Mynah fledgling missing from the nest 2 September 2012

We have not been able to check on the nest since 29 August, 2012 when the first two fledglings were born. 
Both adult Mynah were constantly guarding the area, flying away for a split second to find food for its baby. 

Today, sadly and mysteriously, we found one fledgling missing. The surviving fledgling has grown a great deal within 4 days. 
The remainding turquoise blue egg was tainted, perhaps with dirt. 
One of the four eggs laid was missing.
Did a predator take them away? Was it because the fledgling was deemed not able to survive and was, therefore, discarded by the parents? We have gone to the area below to check if it has fallen off the nest but no, we couldn't spot it. 
Then, I thought I should have installed a webcam inside the birdhouse for easy monitoring. 


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Based on my experience, the parent birds probably kicked the weaker nestlings out of the nest to give the fitter ones a better chance of survival. Sad, but it happens. My parents rescued 2 outcasts over 2 weeks ago and have been hand-feeding them. The smaller bird (we think they are Eurasian tree sparrows) died last Thursday :( The bigger one is learning to fly now. Just flapping its wings a lot as it jumps off the bookcase. No "lift" yet. We reckon it will be another 1-2 weeks before he is strong enough to fly and look for his own food.

Ng Shannon said...


Thank you for sharing. :) Good to hear that one bird survives!!