Sunday, July 17, 2011

Singapore Art Museum - Second Year of Children's Season 7 July 2011

Walter, the colossal bunny. He was there on the first year of Children Season as well.

"Tree of love" by Ben Puah, is filled with papier mache animal dolls

Visitors are invited to add on to the work by penning with felt-tip pens.

"Fruit" by Wit Pimkanchanapong.
The fruits are made of cardboxes.

Our ticket entitled us to create a paper fruit of our choice.
Admission charges : Adult SGD10, Student SGD5. Free for visitors 6 years and below. 

"Paramodelic-Graffiti" built entirely of modular toy train tracks that covers the gallery space.

Chilren are invited to build the train tracks.

Check the tracks built by En Hui and other kids.

"Elephant sitting and Elephant at Rest" which is part of the Elephant Parade Singapore 2011 which is dedicated to saving the Asian elephant.

Children are given stickers to paste on the elephant.

En Hui love this "Dancing Solar Flowers" by Alexandre Dang, the most.

"Mummy Dearest" by Justin Lee.
It is Mummy's day off in this fantasy candy-coloured world of giant dolls with complete wardrobe and enormous three-tiered cake!
I love this one the most.

Hui's dress-up doll.

"Go by Twardzik Ching.
Participants colour their design on the template given.

En's design.

You can pin your design here or bring it home.

Then, collect the large coloured chips based on your design.

Climb onto the giant installation and form your design with the chips.

Collect and return the chips when you are done.

Which one goes first?

"Lightning Action" by Bertrand Planes
Video mapping on bare white boxes.

"Superhigh" by Dawn Ng
Play with colours and shapes, inspired by the magical and mystical rainbow.

Animated Film Screening

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