Monday, July 18, 2011

Singapore Zoo"s Guided Tours 9 July 2011

We can never view the whole attraction in one day. Singapore Zoo is simply amazing. En wish to have breakfast with Orang Utan, but we couldn't wake up after having a late night at Singapore Observatory. This time around, we joined its guided tours, for the first time.  

Giant Tortoise Feeding is now only available on weekends and public holidays

Last year, Hui just observed En fed the giant tortoises while I carried her. 
This year, she jumped to the opportunity and happily feeding away.  

EnHui pet the tortoise. The experienced zoo keeper was great with children.

At the reptile's enclosure. 
 On weekend at 1pm, there is a zoo keeper standing guard, explaining and showing, bones, eggs, skull etc of some reptiles. 

Horned lizard and tortoise feeding time.

EnHui joined the Kidzranger tour with zy.
Difference among falabella, pony and horse.

Some information on horse grooming given by the zoo keeper.

Groomed falabella with a brush.
After the session, En said " I wanna ride a horse"

Hui took part too.

Feeding the hungry goats and kids.

Grooming the rabbits

After the kidsranger, we joined the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia Feeding tour. The best part for me was, this tour came with a buggy! What a relief to my tired feet. You don't have to join the tour to feed the baboon as there is a feeding session at 5pm, unless you want to have a guided tour around.  

Photo above showed the zookeeper holding a cricket to simulate how the archer fish squirt water at the insect and jumped up to eat it.

Hui was looking at the white tiger's whisker.

The baboon feeding session.
En was shown how to make the baboons do a flip and turn.

This was the buggy ride. :)

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