Monday, July 18, 2011

35th Bon Odori Festival 16 July 2011

I didn't think we will attend this year's Bon Festival, knowing that on Sunday morning, En has to wake up early for a run.
En said " Mom, I want to go. I love everything. I want to see all."  And so we came.

This year, we arrived an hour earlier.
The parking next to the stadium, at Panasonic R& D centre.

Free visitor's parking.

The stadium is next to the parking space but there is no short cut through the fence.

 Guest performance rehearsal at 4pm.

A closer view of the rehearsal.

At the stage, was the Cultural dance's rehearsal.

Varieties of ice cream on sale.
We took our time, shopping for food.

At 415pm, there was no queue at all.

Barbeque squid.

My dinner, yakisoba.

Hui' s dinner.

Fresh mushroom from Japan, so the spokeman said.

I took 2 fans but En insisted on 4.
Later on I realised, it was because the fan was needed during the cultural dance.

This year, we remembered to bring a mat for sitting on the ground.

En danced along.

Bon Don dance.:)
To avoid the jam, we left at  745pm.

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