Monday, July 18, 2011

Kidz Ride @KL Mountain Bike Carnival 16 July 2011

This ride at Taman Lembah Kiara is done in collaboration with LITTLE RIDERS.

Each participant was given a number to be hung on the bicycle. En came with a goal to win a bicycle bell which she has been wanting for a long time.

En and her hanging stunt.

Kids were whisked to the enclosure before it began.

Hui rode along with this group, aged 4 to 6.

Hui tried to ride with all her might.

She was happy, getting her first medal.

En was with the oldest group, aged 7 to 10.

A minute into the ride, her helmet fell back and hung by her neck.
I have to keep on cycling, to win, so she said.

At the end of the ride, En was in tears. She was disappointed over her failure in winning the bicycle bell.
It was a feeling of sadness and hardship of not able to cut-it despite giving her best shot on that day. 

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