Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stargazing with Singapore Astronomy Club 8 July 2011

Every Friday night 750pm to 10pm.
Singapore Astronomy Club will be at "The Observatory" @Singapore Science Centre for stargazing, free for people of all ages.

Waiting and watching the member setting up the telescopes.

At the top deck of The Observatory, is the largest telescope among those that were set up.

The entrance where people queue and took turn.

The weather was clear and we saw moon, bleached white by the sun and its craters.
We also saw saturn, so clearly. Hui said "It looks exactly like the one on the poster"

Another telescope. Hui observing the moon.

This one cost SGD80k, I heard.
We saw Saturn and its moon.

 Though there were some clouds, but we were able to see the Moon and Saturn, so thankful.

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