Sunday, July 3, 2011

Water Flea, Water Snail and Tadpoles 23 June 2011

Water snails multiply really fast. We have so many of them just within 2 days and the numbers kept growing. They rise to the surface to take air.
From the pond water that En fetched, we found a huge number of tiny micro organism swimming around.

The microscopic view of the tiny organism was an eye opener. It has many legs and a transparent body with patches of red and some other colour. I thought it was a paramecium and then realised they are water flea.

We tried to find the type of water flea we have and stumbled upon so many of them.

When En saw this picture, she was relieve that there are no water stick insect in her pond-life aquarium. Otherwise, the tadpoles would have been eaten.
The tadpoles we are having now are feasting on the water fleas.

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