Monday, June 21, 2010

Train to Singapore, Singapore Art Museum - Children Season 13 June 2010

Sunday night
We took a 1030pm night train to Singapore. It is our first night train with private bunks. It costs RM227 for the three of us.
Left- Hui sat on our only luggage while waiting for embarkation. Right- Fun time !

The room comes with a toilet and shower and a TV which I never use.  

 We were given two toiletries bags.

Left- I have used only the toothbrush as I was lazy to take out mine.
Right- my supper (choice of rice or noodle). I was grateful that I decided to take the food offered as my tummy was growling later on, shivering in the cold freezer-cabin.

Left- We were given two towels which I used as my extra blankets (cold, cold)
Right- En stood at our door watching the train departing.. 

En took the lower bunk (Hui wanted the upper one) and immersed in the view as the train chugged away. In no time, both of them slept. I realised how big Hui has grown when I had little space to sleep. My face was sticked to the bed rail!
I felt so cold but Hui didn't even need the thin sheet! brrr brrr

The attendant came knocking on the door at 6am serving breakfast (arrrgghh). I was given two bottles of mineral water and two packet of biscuits. Another 20 minutes later, he came again to collect the towels.
In future, I will surrender the towels right on boarding ( I rather freeze to death than being woken up when I just managed to doze off on the tiny space that I salvaged). It is also wise to ask for the breakfast meal as well when the supper is served.

The train arrived at Woodlands approx 720am. From here, we took a cab. It was a rainy season during the week we were in Singapore.  

Singapore Art Musuem @Bra Basah Mrt Station. 1pm 14 June 2010
Singapore Art Musuem (8Q) @Queens Road,  just across the road of SAM.
Adult SGD10. EnHui - no charge for both musuem.

There are many galleries showcasing art and craft by various artists.

Art Garden Children Season at 8Q, hosting comtemporary art. The entire building is transformed into magical art gardens showcasing artworks inspired by nature. For the first time, EnHui refused to leave a musuem after pondering for hours and pleading to stay longer. ;) Children season will end on 18 July 2010.

Walter's Garden - artificial luxury grass, LED hand scrawled sign, 200 custom designed cushion grass

The deconstructed simplicity of this garden allows children to exercise the imagination through touch instead of dictating how and what they should imagine. What is absent in this place encourages kids to imagine just as much as what is present in it. Walter's for one is missing. Yet the words " hop" magically light up on the wall. Where did he go? Where is he hiding? Has he shrunk into such a tiny bunny that we can no longer see him. Other curious objects enable them to create their own stories- Dawn Ng

True enough, each kid whom I observed while sitting at the corner, magically created something unique. Some pretend to hop. Hui ran around laughing and lying on the indoor grass. They both created their own pattern of grasses in their own world.

EnHui ran freely in 'the enchanted forest'. I fell in love with this piece of art.  

Left- the enchanted forest book with blank pages. I signed my name on it.
Right- Butterfy drawings are provided for colouring and cutting.
Left- Many colourful butterflies on the wall!

The enchanted forest could appear anywhere you are if you wished
for it hard enough. The most peculiar things happen here. Turtles fly, and the big bad wolf would read your a story if you came across
him Fish walk out of water and cows jump over the moon. It would be a night in one place and day in another just steps away. Anything can happen if you just imagine it. - Sandra Lee.

Hui was spotted inside the enchanted forest, pasting her butterfly inside the Enchanted Forest book !

"Flowerbot" - It moves by sensing our movement.

Flower origami that complements the flowerbot.

Some artworks that are also shown as short animation movies.

A tree grew where Hui was standing @ "Funky Forest"

En diverted the water to the trees by using log, hand or leg.

American artist Emily Gobielle and Theodore Watson have created a funky forest where you can have fun growing trees on the gallery wall with your body. You can also divert the water flowing from the waterfall to the trees to keep them alive.

Wonder field of daisies.

It dissapears when you walk or roll on it


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So nice....hope to be there!

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oh my... that's SO nice. I wish it was here in M'sia instead of all the way in s'pore. I'm sure the girls would ask me to take them there everyday....