Friday, June 11, 2010

B'day Banner! DIY Pinata! Hui is 3 ! 29 May 2010

Saturday afternoon.
The same old birthday banner is up again. We have been using it since En was one!

This year, we made our own pinata ! (Thanks to aunty YL). It was a family project.

For decoration, En drew a princess castle picture and some other girly stuff  while Hui cut pictures of princesses she likes from the magazine. We wrapped the empty Kenwood Thermo Pot box up with those pictures.

Dad slit the 3"x3"x3" flap at the bottom as the door trap. He cut many small slits thru the flap where we slot in ribbons loosely. The ribbon that opens the door trap was knotted tightly from the inside of the  flap.

Rice crackers + RM1 notes + 20cent coins as goodies,

Interior view of pinata filled with goodies. Dad tied a string on top to hang up pinata.

Left- A warm lovely homemade pinata.
Right- Door trap is covered with a piece of paper.

Sunday night. 6 June 2010.
Total 25 family members cramped the tiny home with just one 3-seater couch created a natural sauna for all.

En dressed up with her self-made costume made out of cornflakes box, proudly proclaimed "I am cornflakes!". She also put up a sign at the corridor leading the guests to our nest. Hui chose to wear home plain clothes!

Left- Another sign by En, stating "Hui En". Right- Decorated by me!
Left- Fusion party food. Buffet style. Right- Presentssss :)

 Party games began right after the children has eaten. There are 10 games in total.

Left-(1) " 'Secret Stickers' - stick stickers at the back of someone without the person knowing it! First one who stick all 5 stickers win. " Wil was seen sticking Hui's back with one! :)
Right-(2) " 'Toilet Roll?' - take toilet papers as much as you think you need for the game." Children raised their eyebrows and did as told ! Then, they were told that the shortest toilet papers win the game! huh

(3) " 'HaHaHa' - the first child says Ha, the second child says HaHa, it adds on and on.. " En was trying to remember the number of HaHaHa she has to say ;)

(4) " 'Pin a tail on Maizy' adapted from 'Pin a tail on a donkey' "

(5) 'Limbo Rock' .. every limbo boy and girl, all around the limbo world, gonna do the limbo rock, all around the limbo clock,  da da da da da da

(6) 'Lucky draw' by birthday girl. All waited around her while dad told her to pick one from the pink bowl.

Left-(7) " 'Freezed dance' -move with Dancing Queen tune & freeze when music stops. You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life, see that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen...
Right-(8) 'Pull-string pinata'. Little 20months old Sonya pulled as well. :) 

(9) " 'Snatch an item'  12 items are shown. Send a child away. Another child snatch one item and hide. When the child returns, she will guess what item is missing. " :)
(10) 'Truth or Dare', the last game. En got a question of 'what is the strangest dream that she had' and was talking about it. :)

Left- Both Wil & Meng excitedly reading the question revealed.
Right- Wil picked a dare slip 'Let the one sitting right to you, do your hair & use it for the rest of the party!' 

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, .....

Left- The moment that EnHui awaiting for...
Right- Hui slept as an angel, (Yes, wearing the costume.) 

En uttered "wow! It is a great party" and Hui added "Yes, I am happy" .

Happy 3rd Birthday Z hui, I am glad I have you and thank you for forgiving my mistakes, always. I love you with all my heart. And I am so happy to have breastfed you for 34 months...I enjoy every moment of it. Thank you, Z Hui.

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