Friday, June 4, 2010

Young Scientist Magazine 1 June 2010

Tuesday am.
Early in the morning, while I was still in bed, I woke up to a sound of a flicking match ! When I opened my eyes, I saw En was trying to light up a match next to me! She said "I need to do this experiment", showing me the 'Young Scientist Magazine. She was browsing this magazine the day before.

When I went to the kitchen, I saw these laying on the kitchen top. En said " I need a balloon." And we don't have one.

2 June 2010
I bought some balloons and here goes the experiment "Lifting a glass by using a balloon"

Then, they were suprised that the flame extinguished by itself when they covered it with a paper cup.
I used a transparent glass and covered the flame. Now, they could clearly see the flame gradually extingushed. En blurted "WHY?"  while Hui gave a suprised look. :)

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June said...

Introduce science in comic style. It looks interesting. Where did you buy it?