Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wet Singapore 17 June 2010

Thursday am.
Chek Jawa Wetlands, Pulau Ubin

I asked Hui,  " Will it rain today? " She replied, " Yes, later. afternoon. " I asked again, " How about tomorrow ? Will it rain? " She said  " Yes. It rain in the morning when we wake up. "

So off we went to Pulau Ubin before it rain in the afternoon. :) J, one of my close buddy cum former flatmate cum ex-colleague came along. :)
Bumboats operate from Changi Point Ferry Terminal ( Bus 29 from Tanah Merah MRT) to Ubin which takes 10 minutes to arrive. Cost SGD2.50 per person. There are no scheduled departure times to and from Ubin, as bumboats set off only where there are 12 passengers. From Ubin jetty, you can cycle or hire a van to Chek Jawa. We took a van @SGD2.50 per person. A walk to Chek Jawa will take about 40 mins.

Left- Chek Jawa Map. Right- Lots of bicycles rental shops when you walked in from jetty.

Left- We walked in to the mangrove boardwalk (Right).

Left - J helped En pulled some grasses and En tied it up as a deco (Right)

Left- Attap chee :)  Right- lots of fiddler crabs of various sizes and colours.

Left- EnHui showed the white puffy flower of a tree. The breeze blew the flowers off the tree and it flown beautifully in the air.  Right- Mudskipper

The mangrove boardwalk leads us to the coastal boardwalk.  We didn't continue as EnHui were exhausted and wanted to collect shells by the beach. Further down the coastal boardwalk, is one of the richest parts of Chek Jawa. Many species of sponges, fan worms, seahorses,nudibranches and starfishes can be found.

Left- Barnacles on the rock. Right- Beach at Ubin.

Left- En and her moat. Right- We saw two rabbits at one of the resident home.

Our shells from this beach.  

Clean toilet *phew*

Our van driver, Azman spotted a green thin snake while we drove back to jetty. He stopped the car and we got a good look at it for about 5 mins. :) Azman commented that it is hard to spot this snake nowadays as many were eaten by the hornbill !

Azman also showed us one of the quarry that filled with rain water.

Leaving Pulau Ubin. It started to drizzle as predicted by Hui.

Left - Our bumboat. En told Hui not to put her head under the white rope as she will fall into the sea!

This island getaway gave me a much-needed escapade from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

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