Thursday, June 10, 2010

En went inside a cup of Milo! 6 June 2010

En saw herself shrinking into a tiny person. She walked to the cup of Milo I prepared, climbed up and  stood at the rim of a cup of Milo I made.

(Q) Is the Milo with ice?
En - It 's warm. I am so tiny and a cold Milo will make me freeze.. (bursted with laughter)
Let's dive in before anyone can see me. Go deep inside or I will get scoop up.

(Q) How is it like?
En - It's dark. (She swam around)  Oh did you hear the sound? Someone is coming into the kitchen. Keep quiet. ( a moment later, she shouted) oh there is a shark. Let's come out and quickly run out of the kitchen. And get back to my normal size.

For a proper functioning of the right brain, one must become accustomed to the thinking habits that surpassed the common sense - prof Shichida.

We moved on to play a clairvoyance game. En touched 5 hidden shapes cards and pointed to the heart shape location when asked. When the chosen card  was flipped over, the heart shape was revealed.

Then, she predicted the colour of the last balloon that came out of the box correctly.

I sent her a blue diamond shape through telephaty  She looked at me and said 'you didn't send it'. And yes, she was right. I could not image it at all.
So i tried again.. and  she pointed to the blue diamond.

Later on, I wanted to send her an orange colour .. and I imagined myself cutting the orange for her, smelling and tasting the orange. So she said "orange".

June 9 - En's weaving art.

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