Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mamma Mia ! 26 May 2010

Wednesday am.
We love Mamma Mia soundtrack. :) I took En to watch Mamma Mia play @ Istana Budaya. She loves the songs.
This morning, En turned on the disc. Hui got into the mood of dancing when the first track "Honey Honey"  was played. She loves dancing and swayed confidently with music. Last year, En began to follow suit when we listened to this soundtrack.
It is so happy seeing them moved freely to the music. While singing and dancing, En stacked the nescafe bottle and kaleidoscope as a microphone, singing into it and dance with pom pom. A while later, the whole box of musical instrument was carried out and we just danced with all sorts of instrument.. bought and homemade ones.
Hui refused to stop and it went on and on and on.. what fun and a body ache mom!

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