Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bang !! My beloved car.... 12 June 2010

Saturday am.
A loud bang from the back of our car shocked us all. The very next thing I knew we were being pushed towards the front lorry. My immediate reaction was to step on the brake and thank God, my car stopped just when my car touched the lorry. Hui cried. When I drove again to the side of the road, the car gave a loud knocking sound.

EnHui checking on the damage.

The car that hit us from the back.
 We called our car insurance cum mechanic friend, Ah Meng and tow truck was on the way. While we were waiting, cars after cars stopped by to offer services. Some even hang around and waited together with us. Now, I know the reason why there are many people involve, each time I see a car accident. :)  As we were waiting, some vechicles honked as they passed through and shouted angrily  "park the car to the side of the road ". Well, the black car that hit us was in the middle of the road and the driver was unable to start the engine again.

We went to the police station. The procedure starts with a form filling in order to get a queue number. When it is our turn, we need to describe the incident by typing on a computer. A report sample is provided for reference. Important information - car number plates of both parties, the name of the road where the accident occur, time of the accident and lastly phone number & IC number of the other party involve. After that, we were told to meet a sergeant at first floor. Over here, we describe the incident again verbally.

That's it. The next course of action, Ah Meng follows suit. :)


sochau said...

Glad that you all are safe!!!

Jack Ng said...

yeah. that's right. but it was such a good experience for all of us including the kids.

surprisingly so, the whole process in the police station was, guess what, pleasant.

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

good thing you were around Jack, or it would've been scarier for Shannon and the kids. I once got involved in an accident with just Hani and a friend of hers. there were no other cars around and the accident was with 2 foreign men on a motorcycle. I was so scared, I actually drove off upon seeing that they were ok.

and yeah, it actually doesn't take long to report at the police station kan?? But I had to be interviewed by an IO after filing the report...

Jack Ng said...

Sargeant Mano was our IO, and is a breeze.

Well, Azlea, I was there, I think, was more for the young guy that gave us a knock. Shannon was starting to give him a tongue lashing from hell. He actually called his dad to come to the accident scene, I am not sure if he is scared of me or

Stelle said...

It seemed like everything went relatively well - except for the angry drivers on the street. They should have taken the time to understand the situation! Car accidents can really make the traffic horrible. Good thing yours wasn't as bad as what I usually see on the news.

Stelle Courney

Ng Shannon said...

Thank you for your concern and thoughts. :)