Friday, September 4, 2015

Let toys be toys September 2015

En created "Escape Room" game at home for her boy-friends.  
It wasn't the first time she did that. Previously, the location was at her bedroom. This time round, it was in the bathroom! I managed to sneak in and snap a few photos before they start playing. 

So I asked one of the boys on  why he likes to come over and play. He replied " I love the games here. :)

One of the clues, a bandanna and a windbreaker on the floor. 

A bell !! Is it to call for help? 

The wooden box she made at scout class. 

At home, the girls play everything - train, cars, guns, dolls, Lego, boxes etcetera. I don't gender-stereotyped toy. They play with boys and girls. 

When they grew up, they learnt about stereotyping from people around them, which is okay as it is a fact of life.
They came to me, saying so and so said I am a girl and so I should do this and that. :)
As long as I am not stereotyping, I think they will be fine. 

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

Unfortunately, it's at school that children learn that they will be ostracised for failing to conform!
You're doing just great, Shannon and Jack!