Friday, September 25, 2015

En at Netherlands, Europe 14 September 2015

Some snippets of En in Netherlands. 

At 2am (GMT+8), En typed "Mom, why are you not sleeping?"

I was sleeping. It is like a mother's instinct, a telepathic bonding between me and En,  I awoke, got up from bed and checked the phone. True enough, En sent me a message. And I replied. 

"Because I think of you"
"Because I know you are not sleeping yet and you may beep me and I want to reply to you"

Cooking dinner at Ani & Haakien Hostel, with other guests.

Asking for direction at Rotterdam train station. 

Penning down a travel journal.

Forever feeding animals. 

Exploring Zaanse Schans on bike. 

Haarlem airbnb narrow stair. 

Cycling in Haarlem. 
She fell in love with Haarlem, 

Queuing at Anne Frank Haus for 45 minutes. 

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