Friday, September 4, 2015

Cyclamen Cottage, Kampung Kolam Limbogan, Melaka 31 August 2015

It was a last minute plan to return to Melaka for errands. I rang up Cyclamen Cottage and took its last room available at its Anglo-Malay home, built in 1937. Cindy, the owner is extremely helpful and accommodating.  

Our room is at the end of the home. 

"Keronsong" means brooch.

Complimentary Jasmine tea bags and hot water. I think it is a much better choice than 3-in-1 instant beverage sachets.  

For 4 of us @RM200 with breakfast for 3.
A little over budget but it was worth the money. 

A well often fascinates the kids. 

Another well with pump at the side of Cyclamen Cottage. The garden is filled with edible herbs and plants.

Our neighbour house is one of the few that still keeps the old beautiful structure.

Hui on "Terompah" or "Paduka"

Chris, Cindy's husband gave us a tour of his Peranakan antique collection. He is kind and made us feel at home. I have only taken the photo of the "Terompah." Though he told me to feel free to take photos, I thought I should respect the privacy of his home.  

Chris arranged the "Terompah" nicely for me to snap another photo. Funny man he is. 


Unknown said...

Cyclamen Cottage seemed to be a traditional, off-the-beaten accom, will check it out myself. Thanks for the info!

Ng Shannon said...

You are welcome. I like Cyclamen Cottage!