Friday, September 11, 2015

Do the homeschool kids have friends of their age? Septemer 2015

At the First Aid Class we attended last month, I had a conversation with someone who sat next to me.

My children were the only two children in the class, among the adults.

After knowing that the two kiddos are being homeschooled and they go where I go (no,  it is more likely like "I go where they go") , he commented "No wonder they mix well with the adults! But do they know how to mix with children? Do they have friends of their age ? !!! "

I said "Yes, they do. :) "

my 11 year old with her 11 year old friend.

my 8 years old with her 8 years old friend.

The world is filled with not just adults but also children. We can see children everywhere, not just in the school. Children and adults are alike I think, as in they are human. If one can mix or speak to an adult, one can also mix or speak with a child. I think. Does it make sense?

What I have observed is, the children are not bothered by the age of a person. They are interested in almost everyone.

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