Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Temple Tooth of Relic, Kandy, Sri Lanka 11 September 2011

The tooth relic is removed from its shrine only once a year, during the Festival of Tooth where millions of buddhist and tourist throng the temple.

Female and men entrance were separated. We went through an xray screening at the gate, reminded me of our Seri Perdana visit.

Appropriate dress code.

Buddhism flag.

Ticket counter

Entrance fees.

Opening hours.

Lotus flower for offering to Buddha. The guide told us of the tradition of not smelling the flower should it be used as an offering

The hallway's ceiling caught my attention.

The drawing of the Festival of Tooth on the ceiling's wall.
Flower offering from devotees.

Devotees walked around the replica of the tooth.

There are few animals embedded on this picture. I can't remember what they are but En said "  
leg of a lion, fish's body, monkey's eye, pig's ear and crocodile's face."

Hui nonchalantly took a seat on the pavement, observing the surroundings of the temple.

Singhalese and Tamil.

The garden is filled with jasmin flowers

Lighting oil lamp.


Rayhana said...

Interesting to see that there is a segregation of male and female entrance.
any idea why?

Ng Shannon said...


When I was writing the post, I have the same thought!

Jack Ng said...

Ray and Shannon,

Is the entrance to the temple. Is for security pat-down.