Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Rock, Unawatuna Beach, Galle Sri Lanka 15 September 2011

The Rock restaraunt was our favourite restaurant at Unawatuna Beach.

It faced Unawatuna beach.

Part of the ruined caused by Tsunami in year 2004.

En's favourite spot at the restaurant. She was spotted smilling and laughing away in her thoughts.

The sandy entrance to the restaurant.

The signage at the entrance.

A calming scene.

Delicious local delicacies. Sri Lankan food became my favourite.

Spaghetti Sri Lankan style!!

Appetizing spicy sauces.

Some photos hung on the restaurant wall reminded us of Tsunami in 2004


Rayhana said...

now you've made me crave indian food! :p

Ng Shannon said...


Jom makan! Any recommendation of where to eat yummy Sri Lankan food?

Rayhana said...

dunno :(
eh, my neighbour!
wah... so sedap.. slurp.
she used to cook such yummylicious food.. sigh, miss it! i loved indian stuff so much she thought i was going to marry an indian :p

at her house was where i learnt of 'drumsticks!'