Friday, November 18, 2011

"Meet the Giant" at Zoo Negara 25 October 2011

The program started with observing elephants while Edwina gave us some related information.

A heavy elephant's tooth.

The frozen chicken meat for tigers.

The keepers used a pulley to wheel the meat over.

Video on how the tiger caught its meal.

Chicken meat in frozen ice cube was thrown into the water within the tiger's enclosure.

Tiger licked the ice, in order to get the meat.

Watching the keepers fed sugar cane to sunbears.

After that, we adjourned to the enrichment centre where we helped in food preparation.
Rice, flour paste, raisin and unsalted sunflower seeds

Roll the ingredients into a rice ball.

Rice ball ready to be fed to the elephants.

At this table, we spread honey on the bread and sprinkle with wee bit of raisins and unsalted sunflower seed.

Prepared by Hui.

Banana leaves were shoved in between bread being stuffed into the bamboo.
The bamboo will be given to sunbears which they will tear it apart with its claw. Apparently this method of feeding will encourage foraging by the animals.

Screw holes onto bamboo trunk.

Hui inserting sunflower seeds and raisins into the tiny holes. This will also be fed to sunbear as snacks.
The tour ended with watching the keeper fed rice balls that was prepared by us.

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