Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lencana Keahlian Penagakap July 2015

In order to get  their "Lencana Keahlian Pengakap " (Scout Membership Badge), the children need to remember 5 things listed below.  Looking at the lines in "Bahasa Malaysia"(Malay language) given by their scout master, En asked if she could recite them in English. I said "Call him up and ask".
She called and he said "No!!!"  (Thank God and Quek!!! )
So they both have to work on reciting them in Malay language and learnt new words along the way.

Once they came to me and said that it is hard to remember "Kedaulatan".
So I said " Do you know there is a very famous restaurant that called "Kedau" and your mom and dad love to visit this restaurant."  Both of their eyes twinkled! They said, " I have not heard of that."  And I said, "Yeah, at the time, you were not born yet. This famous restaurant serves delicious "La Tan" (spicy egg in Mandarin). It is soooo "La" that I have to drink so much water. So they asked "Is this real?" Laughing, I said "No, I am just trying to make up a story for you to remember "Kedau La Tan."
And they remember it instantly.
Somehow, after two more funny stories of "Kesusilaan"and "Kesopanan" they didn't come back to me for more story"

They manage to recite (A) , (B) and (E) in Malay language and now waiting anxiously for the scout badge, which will be given on the camp day at the last week of term 2.

A) Persetiaan & Undang-undang Pengakap

Bahawa dengan sesungguhnya, saya berjanji dan bersetia, yang saya, dengan seberapa daya upaya saya, akan
1. Taat kepada tuhan, raja dan negara
2. Menolong orang pada setiap masa
3. Menurut undang-undang pengakap

B)  Rukun Negara
Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
Keluhuran Perlembagaan
Kedaulatan Undang Undang
Kesopanan and Kesusilaan

C) Tabik, Hormat and Cogankata Pengakap

D) Permulaan Pengakap & Cerita Hutan

E) Laung Agong
Kita buat habis baik
Kamu buat habis baik
Kami buat habis baik

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