Friday, August 21, 2015

Bush-craft with Orang Asli Semai, Raman Bah Tuin (1) Cooking 29 July 2015

One part of the walk into the jungle, required us to cross this tunnel with flowing water. From thereon, our shoes and socks will be soaking wet for the rest of the journey into the forest. En's hiking boots are waterproof and she has the driest of feet among us all. 

This part of the walk is just next to the Karak Highway. 

I saw this pathway from Karak Highway before and used to wonder where does it leads one to and who goes in there. And here I was, taking that pathway which answered my question. 

We were taught by Junina to wrap the rice with "Daun Bemban." It gives an unique flavour to the rice. 

The wrapped rice will then be stuffed into the bamboo.

Fill the bamboo with water and cover it with another piece of "daun bemban." 

Put the bamboo by the fire to cook. 

The yummy cooked rice.  

Junina also showed us how to harvest the right "Paku" (fern). 

From Left  - "Daun Bemban", "Paku" and "Bunga Kantan"

"Ketumpang Air"

"Sirih" which I thought was "Daun Kaduk"

"Misai Kucing"

"Selaput Tunggul"
 Hui had a leech bite and was told to crush this leaf and put it on the wound. Lo and behold, the bleeding stopped almost instantly. 

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