Friday, August 21, 2015

Grade 2 Ballet Exam 's Result, Ballet July 2015

Grade 2. 

En started ballet at 8 years old +. The principal said she is a bit old. I replied "I am okay and En is also fine with it. "The centre put her in a Primary Level class.  She was happy and dancing among the little children in the class. Never at once, she felt being old or fall behind. Parents who saw her in the class, asked me about her age, hinting that she is too old. 
I saw nothing wrong and never like to group children into younger or older. "You are old and not supposed to be with the younger ones" or "Older ones don't play younger ones stuffs" or "You are too old for that" etc etc etc. 

When exam approached, she wasn't sure if she was going to do ballet for long. Hence, she skipped the test. The centre put her back into the same level because of that. 

This was when I started to feel uncomfortable. A casual chat with a HS mom made me realized, that is not the right practice. 

So I asked En if she wish to change to another centre, which will let her do Grade 1 instead of doing Primary Level again.

She said, "She will miss her teacher." I was shock because her teacher was kind of fierce. Nevertheless, En handled her teacher 's emotion pretty well.

She decided to do Grade 1 in another centre. When exam approached, she wanted to take it. But she wasn't allowed to do so because she didn't do a full year of Grade 1. Teachers didn't think she can do well.

So, she waited till she was in Grade 2 and finally she was able to take her first ballet exam.

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