Sunday, September 9, 2012

Camping at Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm, Johore 19 August 2012

We planned to take a ferry to Tioman for camping. But the Sunday's ferry was full. So we parked our tent at Koref Eco Farm Resort for a night. It is situated along Jalan Mersing, about 35 minutes from Mersing Jetty.  

As we drove in the farm, I was mesmerized by the wide padi plantation field. Green is my favourite colour.

We were charged RM40 per adult and RM30 per child for an overnight camping that came with a dinner and breakfast. 

As we stepped into their entrance, serene lake with floating chalets greeted us.  

The person in charge said we can pitch our camp anywhere by the sand or grass area. 
I love the campsite. It was cooling and tranquil. And I knew I would have a great night. 
At night, we laid out the ground sheet on the sand, lied down on it and admired the wonderful milky way filled with stars. There wasn't any light at the campsite and it was perfect to catch the starry night sky. And I thought I am so blessed, having a night like that with my love ones.

In the morning, we woke up to find another camper near us. His tent was just nice for one person and his backpack and shoes were put outside his tent.

As we walked near the paddle of ducks, they hurriedly waddled into the lake. As we got closer to them, we found a duck egg on the sand. 

The newly laid duck egg was warm. 

We took a morning stroll along the huge farm. 

Up there are some pergola, four angle beans and another type of unknown vegetable. 

My older one strolled barefooted. I can never part with my footwear. And I wonder how is it like to be barefooted like her.
We passed by a pretty much abandoned lotus farm and saw lots of wasp nests. The morning birds that swooped down into the lake for fishes were simply breathtaking. There is also a fish farm over there.

The toilets and showers for campers. 
There isn't any lights at night. Torchlight will come in handy.

The children wanna come back here. I guess it was a good stop over here.

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