Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Food in Kuching 13 February 2012

Chong Choon cafe is located at the same row as Brooke Terrace, around the corner.
It was recommended by Andy, the staff of Brooke Terrace.
The kopitiam has halal and non-halal food. When you dine over here, you will be able to see muslim and non-muslim eat over the same table. I personally experienced it for the very first time. It was such a joy to see everyone embrace the differences. 

Pineapple tarts in a heart-shaped form and chwee kuih.

Very yummy yam cake.

The authentic Sarawak kolo mee, so delicious. 

I can't get enough of mee java. 

Some other recommendations that I have yet to try,
1. Sarawak laksa at T-Not laksa, located in a house, Jalan Patingan in Satok. Open at 7am daily and runs out by 9am!
2.Chicken rice at Aladdin Cafe, Carpenter Street.
3. Ban Hock Road lok lok. 

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