Monday, April 16, 2012

Bus to National Bako Park, Kg Bako, Sarawak 9 February 2012

The red colour bus that goes to National Bako Park passes by Brooke Terrace, Jalan Abell.
Pay as you board the bus. The fee is RM3.50 per adult. Children gets to ride on it free.

The route of the bus. It begins at Kubah Ria.

It takes about 30mins from the first station at Kubah Ria, to Jalan Abell. 
That means, if the bus departs from Kubah Ria at 7am, tentatively it will arrive Jalan Abell at 730am.

Bako National Park is the final destination. 
We took the 12pm bus from Jalan Abell and it took about 45 minutes to Kampung Bako.

The return route from Bako National Park.

On the way back to Brooke Terrace, alight at Everrise Departmental Store, Pandungan.

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