Saturday, August 27, 2016

Aman Dusun Hulu Langat 13 December 2016

We love this home. It is our second family gathering here. Ris, the owner provided us with great hospitality  which made us feel very much at home.  The stay came with free delicious breakfast. We also observed the goat milking process early in the morning

Older dd  loves to arrange shoes in orderly. 

The living room and a kitchen behind the brown wall, where we baked and prepared soup for steamboat. Barbeque  pit and charcoal are being provided  too. 

The pool that we spent most of our time. It is conveniently located within the house and facing the serene garden.   

The corn puff that dd taught the younger ones to make.  

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

What a beautiful place! Am sure the girls had a great time. You know, both girls demonstrate great leadership qualities. Zhang Hui was so capable, responsible, disciplined and helpful at the KDCF event and during the latest turtle volunteer programme that all the adults fell in love with her. My parents too said that they 'sayang' her very much after meeting her only once. Yes, but NOT as much as I sayang her!