Friday, June 27, 2014

Snow skin mooncake 5 September 2013

Cooking and baking is part of life, part of homeschooling. As we live, we learn. It is not limited by curriculum. It is anything that matters to the learner.

I just talked to a parent who asked, how I homeschool? This is a very common question to me and I have been asked countless of times. The strange thing is, each time I was asked this very question, I still find it hard to explain that, in fact, the whole thing is homeschooling. Life itself, my life, your life is homeschooling. The whole world is a school. It is not bound by a curriculum where a certain objectives should be met at the end of it. It is hard to digest that education can be spontaneous and if you let it, it can happen the minute one wakes up.

Another popular question is what about goal? Don't we need to set a goal for the kid? Here is a writing on goal-less which I feel it resonates with me. Read here 

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