Friday, June 27, 2014

Cardbox Arcade, Bangsar Village 17 August 2013

En has modified her last year cardboard game. The 9 holes box( left) was upright and glued on another 3-holes box. She recycled the old token box (right)

This is the new game. 
On the first day, she didn't look happy manning this game. I found out it was because she modified the rule of the games following someone's suggestion and she felt that the new rule is not as good as her original one. I always tell her to be open-minded and listen to suggestion. And this scenario created another opportunity to tell her, to appreciate suggestion and how to reject politely and trust your feeling. The next day, she changed the game back to her original rule and it turned out that customers were indeed happier playing the original one. 

Peeping into the token box, I saw she improvised the token box by pasting a half-cut muesli bar box(left top) to collect tokens slotted- in from outside.

My 6 year old bravely attending to the arcade business. 

One token for three balls. 
The balls were pushed out through the small hole (see below)

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

Clever girl! I'd trust her instincts too!