Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1, En in Bangkok 9 April 2013

My almost 9 year old kid embarked on another Bangkok trip alone, with her aunt and friend. This time around, it was a 11 days trip that sent her little sibling crying buckets. 

Both of them talked over Skype everyday. "I want you to come back tomorrow. 
"I am very bored now. Every day is no fun. I miss you", my little one said to her older sibling. 
They are very close, so close that I am still very much in awe as I don't think I have experienced this strong bond among my siblings. 

She was excited meeting her deary friend in Thailand. 


~CovertOperations78~ said...

I feel sad that the girls had to be apart and missed each other so very much :(
But what an adventure it must be for En to travel to Bangkok alone! I love Bangkok. Must go back there for Songkran after I complete my studies. There are some animal shelters and sanctuaries there that welcome volunteers, and I love to volunteer at every country that I visit.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello EL,

You are an inspiration. The kids love to volunteer and help. Kids have been bugging me to bring her to the cats sanctuary to help and spend time with the kids at Agathians. And yes, I should also volunteer when we travel as well. I must say, the spirit of volunteerism is stronger in my kids's heart than my ownself. Shame on me.