Saturday, June 1, 2013

Camping at Taman Negara Sg Relau, Merapoh, Pahang 22 February 2013

Jabatan Perhilitan office is situated on your left before the main gate to Taman Negara Sg. Relau. 
Over here is where we applied for the permit(RM2) to camp. 
The camping charges is RM3 per person per day. 
Contact Ismail 012 9832 651

The campsite is on the right side(photo below) whereas the chalets are located on the left. 

We camped next to the river, Sg Relau. 

The kids love it here. 
And me, I love the quietness where animal (Siamang, Hornbill etc) sounds can be heard loudly. 

Bathroom, prayer hall and a canteen. 

En made this. 

The river where the kids played in.

Sunny side up for breakfast.

Hui and her friend played under aunty C's cozy hammock. 

There is a hut next to my tent which provides shelter. 

En got so many scratches on her legs from climbing this tree. 


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Trees to climb, fallen leaves to be made into artwork, a river to wade in... Sounds heavenly! I would throw in a spot of birdwatching and stargazing and litter-picking/trail cleanup to make it the perfect holiday if I were there!

Stuart said...

Hi. Thank you for posting this. Are you allowed to drive to the campsite in your own vehicle? Somewhere I read you must hire a 4WD vehicle at the park HQ?

Ng Shannon said...


We camped outside of the park, next to the entrance and we parked our car nearby.