Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TNT Novelty House Homestay, Accommodation in Teluk Intan, Perak 29 September 2012

We stayed the night at Teluk Intan after a caving trip in Gopeng. The home that we stayed in is a huge bungalow in a housing area at Jalan Sultan Abdullah. 
Direction : After passing by Teluk Intan Giant on your left, take the first left turn. Go straight and take the left turn opposite a chinese temple (on your right). TNT Novelty homestay is at the end of the road. 

1654c Jalan Sultan Abdullah. 

A huge car porch area for in-house guest.

After the car porch area, there is the living room.

We found the kids here in the morning. I like it here that they can roam around the huge living area safely.

The room areas (both upstairs and downstairs) after the living room.  

Our room is located at the end of the hallway.

RM60 for a night. 
There is a queen size and a single size bed in this room and another two single size beds behind the queen size bed (photo below)

There is another type of room RM50 per night with only a queen size bed.

Both toilet/shower room and bedroom is very clean. 

05 - 622 8492


Anonymous said...

Why not you post in your website it's only for chinese if you are gonna be rude and give racist remarks in person? Instead of us wasting our time and listening to your crappy remarks. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Quite a number of my house guest told me that there are many reviews about my home stay in the Internet. I do not believe and took the liberty to read the reviews on my own. However, when I read the review, from all the photos, I agree with you and hopefully in future the children will be given the freedom to learn instead of meritocracy judgments. Thank you for choosing my place during your visit to Teluk Intan, because my home stay design came from my impromptu heart desire and passion which cost less and high creativity and long lasting and it ‘smell like home’. As a gesture of appreciation, I’m looking forward that you would come again soon because these reviews from my guests gave me confident to continually improve my place as a way to thank them and reward their stay. A surprise will awaits you on your stay. – from Mdm Tan Her Chu, Owner of TNT Novelty House.

Unknown said...

Dear anonymous,
Are you referring to TNT Novelty House?

Ng Shannon said...

Thank you Mdm Tan.

I would certainly come again. :)