Wednesday, January 30, 2013

FRIM nature walk "Aliens" with MNS 13 October 2012

Leaves of Camphor tree. 
The older one commented it smells like tiger balm whereas my younger one here, said 'basil'.
We were told that the wood of Camphor tree has a strong nicer fragrant and it is sold at Daiso.
 This is the only tree that originated from Japan over in FRIM.

 Ming, a botanist and MNS nature guide of our group.

Trumpet tree came from tropics America. Its leaves look like an umbrella and it is very similar to our local tree, Mahang. Fruit is small and is very popular among the bats which helps to spread the seeds. 

Dumbcane is a popular house plant and it is commonly seen. Little did I know that should our lips are in contact with the sap will cause one to be not able to talk for a day or two!

Bougainville's flower is just the small white one in the center. The pink colour part is a modified leaf called bracts. Interesting!

Hibiscus originates from China and it is known as China Rose! 

  Adancum piper (pepper) plant is one of the top 100 most invasive plants. There is a whole plantation of it at Guang Nuang. A crushed leaf will help in stopping bleeding when it is rubbed on the wound.

This tree here is dubbed as "Malaysia Sakura". It produces pink flowers during Chinese New Year season and lasted only one to two days. 

Acacia Mangium is also one of the top 100 most invasive plant here.
The photo in the middle shows its branch and its twig, which look like a leaf! 
The twirly one is the fruit. 
The bark is rough and mostly not healthy and could tumble easily as the tree is not suitable for Malaysia climate. 
The tree is planted for paper but it doesn't produce good quality ones

.  My older kid chasing after Ming and talking to her. 
Seriously, children doesn't need a school setting with hundreds of people to be able to socialise.  


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Ming and Chung Lu's "Getting to know the stars of FRIM" walks are always popular. I missed this one. I went for the indigenous plants one. Glad to see you all enjoyed this one so much, too!

Ng Shannon said...

Yeah, it is a wonderful walk indeed, Ee Lynn. :) I am waiting for the third part.

wy said...

Wow. Lovely write up. Wish I could make exception for your kids to join the stream walk. But botanists firmed on age 15 above only.

Ng Shannon said...

Thanks wy. No prob. I will wait for another 5 more years. :D