Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kg Cendrong, Batu Gajah Perak 2 June 2012

Cendrong village along the road to the Tin Dredge.

We stopped by to have lunch. The restaurant is very much like the one Lat drew in his comic book.

Dad said "The coffee is interesting"

The kids' bowl of noodle. It is not bad.

 Driving around the small village.

Buying biscuit at a grocery stall.

This was how I bought biscuit when I was little.


rayhana said...

biscuits in rows and stacks of tins, so many to choose from!

Ng Shannon said...

It is, many choices. Some we no longer see at the hypermarket anymore.

ray said...

biscuits which are so unhealthy lol :P

remember the small ones with the colorful hardened icing? and the chocolate wafers? and the pineapple tarts? phew i can go on.

Ng Shannon said...

Ray, yeah I remember. :) I especially like the small ones with colourful hardened icing! :D