Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heritage Trail at Batu Gajah, Perak 2 June 2012

After visited Sybil Kathigasu's clinic at Papan a year ago, we came to see the prison which Sybil Kathigasu was imprisoned and tortured. Besides her, Lim Bo Seng was an inmate here as well.
 Another place which of interest to the kid, is this Tudor-style court house museum. 
It only opens on weekdays! 830am to 4pm

The back of the wooden structure of Wah Onn Theatre which has been burnt down.
Only the front ticket office remains which is now a mee rebus restaurant.  
The cinema used to show black and white movies to local townsfolk. 

Old fashioned playground at Batu Gajah.

I remember hiding in these hollow cylinder when I was young. 

I want to eat MANGO and palm fruit too. 

For a detail heritage trail map info, check this link.

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