Sunday, January 15, 2012

Khao Seng Fishing Village, Songkhla, Thailand 26 December 2011

The wind was strong and waves were roaring high when we arrived Chalatat beach, Khao Seng fishing village.
It is around half an hour drive from Hatyai city.

As we walked towards the tiny dilapidated village, we heard hammering sound coming from the green canopy.

Fishing made impossible with such gutsy wind.
Fishermen chatting around the boat while repairing it.

Black burnt kettle boiling under firewood.

The people seems unperturbed by us and carried on with whatever they were doing. 

Salted fishes.

We strolled in uninvited.

The condition of the homes depicted their harsh life.

A woman villager.

One of the lanes among the old houses.

A boy playing contentedly with his toy truck, loaded with sand.

The sandy flooring in a home.

The back of the village.

En climbed over to check the other side of it.

An overview of the village from the other end.

"I know how it works", En muttered.

A crab trap.

Fish heads were strewn everywhere.

Khao Seng Fishing Village is located at the end of Chalatat beach, along the same coast as the famous touristy Samila beach..

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