Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman, Badan Warisan Malaysia 6 December 2011

Briefing before tour, in front of Badan Warisan.

Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman is located next to Badan Warisan.

Such a lovely kampung house admist the city centre.

Some photos of the house

I admire the carving of the house and this reminded me of  En's long overdue request for a set of carving tool!!

Well designed for ventilation, sun and rain.

The structure of the house.

Some info and Q&A on kampung house by our tour guide, Intan. She is great with kids. We simply adore her.

Our shoes at the bottom of the stairs.

Dining hall.

Coconut shaving traditional style.
I love the laidback way of learning.

Kukur Kelapa

Check how it is done.

Each kid took turn to try under Intan's watchful eyes.

In the kitchen.

Kids get to hands-on the traditional tools.

Kids chose whichever tool they love to try on.

It is such a great joy to observe each child tried on the tools happily.

This is the most popular one.
Grinding rice into powder.

Water and oil were added into the container to prevent ants from crawling up the kitchen cabinet.

Wedding chamber in the living room.

Role-play on a malay traditional wedding scene.

Bridge and groom.

Hui blessed the couples with confetti.

Clicked! at the penghulu's office.

Playing hopscotch drawn on the sand, under the kampung house.

Marble game.

Kids played other tradional games on the mat, next to the kampung house.


Huge marbles, slingshot and extremely large tops.

Home-prepared lunch picnic by the kampung house.

Contact 03 2144 9273

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