Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coconut Exploration Programme and Orchard Tour at Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya 19 December 2011

Taman Warisan Pertanian covers a huge area with varieties of tropical fruit trees.
There isn't much shelter and so, starting early in the morning is advisable.
The opening hour is at 830am.

The kids love the scarecrow in the padi field.

Hui joined the boys, picking up sticks and recce the slope.
It was a long trip on foot under the hot sun and kids got tired after a short while.

Occasionally, En stopped to weave.

"Coconut exploration programme" brings the kids to see how the coconut leaves could be weave into ketupat and whistle and  how the midrib of the leaf can be made into broom.
This hands-on activities got the kids gather around and took part.

Petai, dangling from trees.

Coconut shaving.

En tasting the sweet coconut shaving. It reminded her of onde onde, a nyonya delicacy.

The curator blew into a whistle which was folded using coconut leaves.

Rubber tapping demonstration.

Latex is poured into the mould and formic acid is added to coalgulate the liquid.

Block of rubber was initially rolled using a wooden roller, so that it will be thin enough to roll by the mangle machine.
Rubber sheets were then rolled manually several times with the mangle machine, to squeeze out the water.

Thereafter, the rubber sheet will be put in the smoke house for drying.

The dried rubber sheets are golden brown in colour.

Taman Warisan Pertanian - 03 8887 7772

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thank you for visiting the most beautiful PARK!!! in the WORLD!!!!....