Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kidzania Congrezz Kids's testimonials November 2015

Hui's Kidzania Congress Kids term will come to an end pretty soon. The best thing for her is the monthly free entry she gets. She simply love to play at the park. It is a huge play land.

As it is coming to an end, the kids were asked to write a testimonial of what they have learned and what advice they would give to the next batch of Congress Kids. I showed Hui the email from Kidzania.

This is what she wrote,

" I learned that teamwork makes good progress. I also learned that everyone is important and hard work pays off"

When I read the line, I was surprised ! I asked, did Kidzania meetings teach that ? !!
She replied "Huh no, I don't know what to write"
Hahaha I laughed out loud. I said , "" That line is brilliant. I like "everyone is important."  ""

And her advice was " Be prepared to work under noises as the children are noisy".

I asked "hmmm, is there a way to rephrase the advice to be more pleasantly sound? "
Here is the edited version,
"Be prepared to work under noises because all Congrezz Kids are full of ideas"



yeeling said...

I love the re-write too!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Wow, your girls are thoughtful and diplomatic! See, it's not only in structured school environments that children learn to be tactful and considerate in social settings! In fact, in school they don't have the initiative to learn to be diplomatic thoughtful.