Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum and Cafe 1511 Guesthouse Melaka 3 October 2015

The two lanterns at the corner of the entrance symbolize the family origins and surnames in Chinese. 

We visited this museum 5 years ago and we didn't have a guide back then. This time round, we had a tour guide and that helped us understand the display much better. There are a total of three terrace lots which belong to the Chan family since 1861. The museum occupies two lots whereas the third lot is turned into a cafe and guest house called Cafe 1511 guesthouse. 

Cafe 1511 used to be the servant quarters of the Chan family. 

We booked a room at the attic. The steep climb of the stairs from the cafe at the ground floor led us to the rooms above. 

The windows that overlook the courtyard in the middle of the home below. 

I like it here, being in a historical building. 

Another stairs brought us to our room in the attic. 

The lovely traditional ventilation holes. 

One of the two rooms in the attic. 

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