Monday, February 1, 2010

EnHui & box 17 January 2010

Sunday afternoon.
EnHui like boxes. All kinds of boxes, I mean ALL kinds, whatever sizes, shapes, colours, ..They tuck away in them, build castle/house, cook on it, put treasure in it, carry it as a lunch box, zzzzz inside with pillow & blanky, convert into a table, hiding place etc etc etc . When they see one, they make me bundle it, stow in the car and carry it home..
When the boxes became old, I have to negotiate in order to get rid of it.. :D
                                      Can you spot the hair?      

EnHui had fruits on a "box" table.
En wanted a dressing table in her bedroom. Last December, she wished Santa Claus will send her one. I saw a dressing table in Toys R Us & it costs around RM170! So, I told her, why dont you create one?

EnHui @dressing table made out of box!
En said 'my dressing table is special as it comes with a cupboard'

                                                    Hui's home @2.5years old,8 Dec 09
EnHui 's hideout box (caught you !)
Hui @19months, En @4years & 8months old, 23 Jan 09

                                                Balls Box 17 Nov 08
En @4.5years old, Hui @17months old

Another Hui's home, 14 Oct 08
En @4 years & 5 months old, Hui @16months old

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