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Singapore 24 December 2009

Day 1
We drove to Singapore :) and stayed at uncle CL's home @ Bishan. It's our first time staying over there. I thought it would be good for EnHui to spend time with their cousins, Yan & Wai, and uncle CL & Aunt B. EnHui were so happy seeing Yan at the door! :D They played with Yan like old friends. It amazed me to see how EnHui could be so at ease with their uncle, aunt and cousins, as EnHui sees them only once a year, on the first day of CNY! for a couple of hours.

En built it @Bishan home

Day 2
Friday, 25 December 2009
Christmas, our favourite season of the year!

In the morning, they went to the neighbourhood playground. It's so clean and well maintained! En could even rolled on the ground without getting dirty ! hahaha

                             Yan, Hui & En @playground near home
Yan @10 years old, Hui @ 2.5years old & En 5.5years old

                                             En rolled on the clean ground !


Check out the dirtless equipment
  EnHui love cat! and have been asking us for a pet cat.

MT & her family were in Singapore as well. We decided to meet at night safari on christmas night. Yan tagged along. Lo and behold, night safari was so crowded! I have not seen such huge crowd for a long time. We being homeschoolers, got the privilege of visiting places during the non peak period. Despite that, I was so thrilled  meeting MT and KC, Mun and Lum. En had conversation with aunty MT :) over dinner !

We watched a Thumbuakar Tribe Performance near the entrance. EnHui 's eyes were glued to it, seeing the tribe blew fire and ate it, and danced. We could felt the heat of the fire and were sweaty. En asked "How they did it?"
After being pushed into the entrance by the crowd, we started with a short rainforest walk. It was pitch dark and Hui was scared, hanging on me tightly. We walked like a bat out of hell and never stopped till we reached the suspension bridge. En likes crossing suspension bridge and this time, she got to cross it under dim light. We were so relieved to get out of the blackness walk. Seeing the long line for the next show, we jumped in without much thought. We queued for an hour+ !! to watch the night safari performance. I must say, it's worth the wait. The performance was admirable. Unfortunately, Hui was having a temperature. We had to leave after the show.. without visiting the animals in their habitat.

          at the stage seats.

Day 3
Saturday, 26 December 2009
Boxing Day

Early in the morning, aunt B took us all to "Jacob Ballas Children Garden". Uncle CL stayed back to cook lunch. He is a super excellent chef. We have been eating yummy home-cooked food since we arrived! with dessert (Creme Brulee and Baked Cheese Cake).
I like the name of the garden, that says 'children garden'.. so exceptional, dedicated to children. EnHui had great exposure, seeing some plants, climbed & slide down the tree house, explored a plant maze, splashed water at the fountain, made sandcastle, fiddled with the photosynthesis experiment, played some musical instruments made from plant.. etc

Cotton plant

                                             EnHui @water fountain

Aunt B, Wai, En & Yan
En is more interested in the sand than the photosynthesis experiment nearby

Hui beating the hollow tree trunk

Aunt B, En, Yan & Wai shaped sandcastle

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