Friday, January 29, 2010

Unschooling Ipoh & Tambun Road Trip 15 January 2010

Friday Day 5 (Last day) .
At the end of the fourth day, my energy was running low.. :) Today is the last day in Ipoh. Aunty Po Po has woken early and bought us some heang peah, kuih bangkit and kaya puff to bring home. :) So thoughtful and sweet of Aunty Po Po. En said "Thank you Aunty Po Po" before she left home. Aunty Po Po told her to come again.

Aunty Po Po went for breakfast with us. She brought us to a kopitiam in Ipoh Garden. She worried and at the same amazed of us, for bringing so many kids on a trip! Hui gave her hug before we departed. :)

I took Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah and turn right to Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. From here, I took exit E1 and back to Simpang Pulai toll.

We decided to stop by Gua Tempurung on the way home. We exited Gopeng Interchange. At the T junction, we could see the Gua Tempurung sign, turn right. About 5km, turn left and we reached Gua Tempurung in about 2km.

Fai, Han & Hui @outside Gua Tempurung
What did Han and Hui talk about! ?

There are 4 different tours available. We took Tour 1 Golden Flowstone, the shortest one that took about 40 mins. For safety reason, there was a tour guide who brought us into the cave and provided us with information of the cave. We climbed over 200 steps and stood at the heights of 90metres at the top. We were shown all sort of images resembled on the cave wall. En said 'she could see all the images'. Hui also nodded. The cave interior; its sight, colour, smell, and sound are so great! Being a novice in caving, Gua Tempurung is a real eyeopener. En wanted to go further into the cave.. . We will go again one day.

                                                             All of us @Gua Tempurung
From left, Han, YL, Ean, JY, Fai, En, Myself & Hui

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