Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unschooling Ipoh & Tambun Road Trip 13 January 2010

Wednesday, Day 3.
We intend to go to the Lost World of Tambun but it only opens at 11am. So, we stopped by the Japanese Garden @Jalan Raja Dihilir to have our breakfast, pastry that we bought from Jusco yesterday and fruits. Thanks to YL for buying fruits throughout the journey.

The Japanese Garden has a clean and serene landscaping. There is a pond with koi fishes. When we arrived, the gardener was watering and feeding plants with fertilizer. Hui saw the tiny little fertilizer and asked "what is this" ? The gardener passed some fish food to the kids. They fed the fishes happily. And again, Hui picked flowers. She said " I love flowers". Entrance and parking is FOC. *There isn't any w.c in the garden.

After the breakfast, we drove to Tambun. The kids were excited and looking forward to the wet park. The road sign to Tambun is prominent from Jalan Raja DiHilir. As it was still early, we spent some time at Giant hypermarket, Tambun. We saw one textile shop and I bought a piece of cloth for En. She has been asking me to get her a piece of cloth for almost a year! When I asked why she wanted the piece of cloth, En replied " I want to make a bag!" :)

En's unfinished bag 27 Jan 2010. Top - handle. Bottom - bag !!

It's began to get bored waiting for the Lost World to open..  :( There is nothing much to see in Giant and Tambun town. Tambun is famous of its sweet pomelo but I didn't see any pomelo stall.

Lost World of Tambun is located right after Giant. After getting our tickets, we went straight to the petting zoo. At the entrance, we bought different kind of food for different animals. We fed raccoon, rabbits, fishes, parrots etc etc. There is a tiger show. *Please check the show time.

En said "It's heavy!" when the wooden container was loaded full of seeds, was full of birds!
She always asks 'Mommy, how do I hold a bird? It flies away when I get near it"

En loves to hold cat, dog, cockroach, tortoise, rabbit and now a kid!

Fai showed Hui how to feed rabbits

                    En, Jian Yi and Han caught fish with the fishing net provided

EnHui enjoyed themselves tremedously at the petting zoo, touching and feeding the animals. :)  We went to the restaurant for lunch and the choices are limited. :( After the lunch, EnHui sat on the merry-go-round and followed by water play !!! There is an area that is filled with hot spring warm water. It's great to soak in there when we were cold! I had a great fun playing in the water with EnHui, Fai and Han. EnHui said "I am so happy, mommy is in the water ! lol " It's so joy-rising for me, seeing the smile on each of their faces.

The only ride for young children

                                                       EnHui @Tambun Hot Spring

En & Han made sandcastle
En loves the sand but Hui can't stand her feet covered with sand!

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