Friday, January 29, 2010

Unschooling Ipoh & Tambun Road Trip 14 January 2010

Thursday, Day 4.
WL 's aunt brought us to Yoke Fook Moon Dim Sum Restaurant for breakfast. It's located at Jalan Leong Sin Nam. The famous Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant is nearby too. The food is tasty and service is pleasing. :)

After the breakfast, we went to Gua Tambun, which has the largest prehistoric rock paintings drawing! And we need to climb 141 steps before reaching the cave. It is located behind Caltex Station at the turn off from the main traffic junction leading into Tambun.

En is looking forward to it. She likes everything about the stone age - ochre drawing, stone ager etc. Once at the National Musuem in KL 2009, she stood by the stone ager cave for so long. The interest started after En did an activity book on "The Savage Stone Age" by Horrible Histories Scholastic.

We parked our car at the Caltex station and walked on the short pathway beside Caltex. At the end of it, we reached a field which was blocked by a locked, low fence. There is a Gua Tambun signboard next to it. Feeling a little anxious,  we climbed over the fence and walked across the field. When we reached the end, we saw the second Gua Tambun signboard and another locked fence. (photo below). We didn't dare to proceed further after that.

 After the red fence, is the quiet narrow pathway that lead to the cave!

I explained to EnHui that it was unsafe to go in. Hui kept asking why. ! En was bit dissapointed and she was back to her joyful manner the next minute! Next to the field, we saw stables that cater to the horses at the nearby polo ground. From the stable, we could see the side of Gua Tambun which is simple stunning and exquisite.

We detour to Sam Poh Tong :) EnHui and Han fed the fishes and tortoises at the pond. We had a look at the temple. At the back, there is an area with so many tortoises. Huge ones. There is nothing much to see @Sam Poh Tong and yet, EnHui were satisfied with it. :)

 En & Han, feeding fishes and tortoises @Sam Poh Tong

After that, we met up with Aunty M, YL's SIL and she led us to D R Seenivasagam Park, Jalan Dato' Onn Jaafar. There is a bigger Japanese Garden here compare to the one at Jalan Raja Dihilir. En was looking forward to seeing more bonsai. Unfortunatey, it rained shortly after we arrived. En asked "Mummy, can you bring me to this playground again when we come to Ipoh? "

Hui looking out from the top of the equipment @ DR park

Ipoh Riverfront Park was the next destination. It's located beside the kinta river @old town side, on the left  along Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah. There is a children playground, pool with fountain and a mamak restaurant. *The food is spicy.

The kids found a dead frog in one of the small pool with dirty water! Hui kept talking about the dead frog after that. :)

Fai, Han & Hui in one of the cleaner pool.

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