Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun @swimming pool 27 January 2010

Wednesday 10am.
We usually go to the pool 1-3 times a week. EnHui take joy in it. They will be jumping and dancing happily  each time they go to pool. En brought two "plastic pole" which is part of the babygym that was broken.

                   En was skiing in the water with the babygym stand!

EnHui said "We are mixing the pancake flour !" with the babygym stand

This part is extracted from John Holt's book "How children fail"
"Children cannot learn much from cookbooks, even the best cookbooks. A child learns, at any moment, not by using the procedure that seems best to us, but the one seems best to him; by fitting into his structure of ideas and relationships, his mental model of reality, not the piece we think comes next, but the one he thinks comes next. The more aware we are of the structural nature of own ideas, the more we are tempted to try to transplant this structure whole into the minds of children. But it cannot be done. They must do this structuring and building for themselves."

The babygym was a gift from aunt Ling when En was born. It was broken by EnHui!

Oh No!  Hui @21 months. 28 Mar 2009

En said 'Keep it, I can fix the gym'.
En @ 4 years 10month old

En tied the stand with the pink ribbon. And of course, it couldn't stand for long! :) It collapsed and En requested to keep the broken gym.

EnHui playing with or rather "kicking" the gym! 15 Sept 2008
Guess you know what contributed to the broken gym!
*En was 4years 4months old & Hui was 15months old

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