Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Second day of cny 15 February 2010.

Monday morning.
EnHui opened "angpow" in anticipation.

 En yearned to know how much are those money and counted it happily. She asked what I could buy with this amount of money. Questions after questions about money. Finally, she decided to make a robot to store her money safely. She reckon robbers won't dare to steal  money from her robot.

There is a storage at the back where En made a flap(cover of red oat bran box) to close it. The flap flung open.  Later, En excitedly showed me, she has settled that problem with a straw and a tape.

She proudly showed me, by slotting the straw horizontally into the side of the box, and taping the straw on the red oat bran cover, the flap is securely shut.  Beside her angpow money, she also store some food (fake)! into the storage. She told me, "I have my own bank". So I said, if she put her money into the bank, she gets interest! En raised her eyebrow! and I guess I gave her a food for thought. :)

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Bryan Koh said...

Hui expression is so cute when she opened ang pau.